May 13th2006


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Healing AIDS with HOMA Therapy

 Breaking the chains of ALCOHOLISM and DRUG ADDICTION

Bringing PEACE, JOY & HEALTH to our Elders




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AGNIHOTRA Healing Fire
purifies the physical and subtle bodies.

Editor's Note:

The purpose of this HOMA HEALTH NEWSLETTER is to inform the community of the achievements reached with HOMA THERAPY. Let's remember that AGNIHOTRA heals the atmosphere, the soil, subsoil, waters, plants, animals and man. This is "TOTAL HEALING" - "TOTAL HEALTH".
What would happen if we do not bathe the physical body daily? We already know the answer.
Well, the same or worse will happen if we do not bathe the subtle bodies daily. But, how can we bathe them? One way, a very powerful way is through Yagnya.
Yagnya purifies the physical and subtle bodies (emotional, pranic, mental, etc.).

Since our windows (senses) are taking inside so much garbage and there is so much contamination on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, etc.), it is imperative to bathe ourselves daily with the vitalizing Agnihotra currents.
It is not enough to wash the physical body. We have to wash our subtle bodies with Agnihotra. So the question is: Did you really bathe yourself today?
We can remove the dirt in our minds and hearts through Agnihotra.

This is a Bath with Fire!

This is a Bath with Love !

However the effects of Yagnya go beyond our limited covers (koshas).
Yagnya also purifies the atmosphere and all nature that surrounds this Sacred Ceremony. It brings balance and health to the eco-systems.
These Ayurvedic Fires are agents of the DIVINE.

. Through the manipulation of LIGHT (fire) and SOUND (Mantra), Subtle Energies such as Devas, Angels, Nature Spirits are activated and nurtured. These HOMAS bring harmony to all the different planes.

We are very fortunate that this process was revealed again by MAHASHREE GAJANAN MAHARAJ from Akkalkot and SHREE VASANT received a command from HIM to spread this knowledge to all people of the Earth.

AGNIHOTRA and other HOMAS are available to ALL who want to awaken into a Higher Reality and Experience an Expansion of Consciousness, Understanding, Peace, Love and Communion with Everything and Everyone.
By the way, EVERYTHING IS GOD. AGNIHOTRA is EASY, PRACTICAL and ESSENTIAL today, since we are exposed to so many viruses, such as: selfishness, jealousy, envy, anger, greed, lust plus all the other  problems related to Environmental Contamination.

Please check the Relations:
Agnihotra : Us
Firewall Protection  :  Computers

AGNIHOTRA is to us what  the "FIREWALL" protection is to our computers navigating through Internet.
Without FIREWALL in internet, your computer will breakdown.
Without HOMA, we will also get infected.
So lets Light up our Firewall and maybe get "Enlightened".

Aura Picture around the thumb of a patient with depression.

Then Dr. James Peterson told her to take Agnihotra ASH without any explanation

  Same patient
3 minutes after taking AGNIHOTRA ASH
Patient was already more optimistic.

(pictures provided by Dr. James Peterson, Chiropractic Doctor, Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America)




Agnihotra time at the HOMA Medical Center "The Good Shepherd". Dr. Montufar and his patients.

We have seen how 3 patients with AIDS / HIV positive following the HOMA Treatment got healed. As you can understand many people to like to reveal their identity. . However there is one person that decided to share her healing and this is Silvia Ortega Melo.

The effects of Homa Therapy go beyond  removing the symptoms. This patient went from HIV + (positive) to HIV - (negative). This is truly a MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH.

Now is The Time to contact AIDS / HIV positive support groups, scientists and medical doctors open to this new approach. We cannot promise anything but we can guarantee that the patient always experiences a Greater Sense of Wellbeing.
You are invited to check the website for the medical exams of the patient Silvia Ortega Melo and also the  HOMA TREATMENT prescribed by Jaime Montufar, MD, Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America. -




It is said that alcoholism is responsible for more damage than all the other drugs combined since it does not only affect the person addicted, but the whole family, community and society. Families are breaking down and car accidents are happening every day due to this plague called Alcoholism.

Recently we had the chance to share Homa Therapy in an Alcohol and Drug Deaddiction Center. CRA, is is a Medical Center, well established over 40 years. It has many  psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and technicians dedicated to the Rehabilitation.

Usually the patients experience a lot of pain, discomfort, anxiety, anger, spasms, etc. during the withdrawal. The medical doctors where astonished to see how Homa Therapy diminished these problems quickly.

Homa Therapy increases their motivation and optimism to break the old habit patterns. They turn into a very positive frame of mind and experience relief and peace. They are more cooperative, friendly and playful.

The violence amongst them disappeared and a sense of brotherhood was established instead.

They are practicing AGNIHOTRA in the mornings and evenings.

 Beside the daily practice of Agnihotra evenings and mornings they are also doing  one hour of TRYAMBAKAM HOMA in the afternoon so far. The aim is to do 4 hours daily. They are also doing some psycho-somatic exercises (Asanas and Pranayamas).

The results with HOMA Therapy were so Fast and Dramatic that the Medical Director decided to make Homa Therapy part of the regular program. This is another MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH.
It is important to mention that the Director
of the Center
, Saul Pacurucu, MD  is also a professor in the Medical School of the University of Cuenca, Ecuador.
You can find out more in the mentioned websites in the sections of  "Photogallery" and in "Homa in the News" you can read an article published in
"El Mercurio" afternoon edition "La Tarde"on 17th of April, about HOMA and DEADDICTION.

Many people suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction and they can be helped rapidly, effectively and inexpensively with Homa Therapy.
So let's contact the local AA groups and drug deaddiction centers. Let's talk to them about Homa Therapy and show them these Healing Fires. -


Bringing PEACE, JOY & HEALTH to our Elders

HOMA FIRE in the IESS. When asked if they suffer  from arthritis, insomnia, depression, etc. almost everyone raises their hand. Many old people are walking pharmacies.

Thanks to Dr. Bolivar Salinas, Medical Doctor, HOMA Therapy was initiated in a Center for Elders of IESS (Instituto Ecuadoriano de Seguro Social) in Cuenca, Ecuador, South America.
Retired people who are getting social security from the Ecuadorian government come to this center to receive medical consultations, geriatric treatments and for recreation. Most of them suffer with arthritis, high blood pressure, insomnia, nervous problems, depression, digestive problems, etc.

After a few sessions with Agnihotra our Elders experienced more mental peace, relief from pains, better sleep, less anxiety and nervous problems.

The director of this Center, Martha Ugalde and the psychologist were so delighted and amazed with these Bioenergetic Ayurvedic Healing Fires, that they decided to continue with the evening Agnihotra Monday through Friday.
More than 150 people per session were coming.

It is wonderful to see the Power behind Agnihotra. Let's keep sharing this Good News. Many of our elders are lonely and they suffer from lack of love. But Agnihotra increases this love from within. We all can use more of it. -



Let this website be a window to the world that shows what you are doing with these HOMAS in your daily life and special occasions.

If you are doing AGNIHOTRA for Physical - Mental Health, Harmony in the Family, Education, Rehabilitation, Behavioral Change, Agriculture, Cattle Raising, Ecology, Research, supporting the Circle of Life and Energy Cycles of the Earth or any other reason, please let everyone know about your experiences. By sharing our experiences with others we bring HOPE to many.

Master Vasant is an example of this SHARING. Let's follow HIS steps. There is a lot of space in these web sites for documents, pictures, audios, videos, etc.

This information can be made available in different languages. We ALL can play a greater role as Instruments of the Divine through Agnihotra. Let's go from Thinking into ACTION. You can do this by expressing Love in all your actions and by sharing Agnihotra HOMA.

Please send pictures of your Agnihotra fire, with your family and friends. Maybe you are already sharing this knowledge in cultural, scientific or spiritual events. Maybe you are alreadz doing it at home, hospitals, schools, health centers, work or public gatherings.

Let's hear YOUR News. Let's be part of the Loving HOMA Wave that is spreading all over the world. -



The HOMA FARM EL CEREZO has become the Demo-Farm for farmers interested in Ecological Agriculture.

Eng. Ramos, Director of the Agricultural Department of Sullana, Piura, Peru is organizing field trips to this farm. You can check also "Video Clips" in the mentioned websites about this farm.

Recently, the main local Newspaper in Piura, "El Tiempo" March 19th, did a full report about the advantages of HOMA SUPERTECHNOLOGY in AGRICULTURE.

You can read the Newspaper article in the websites mentioned in the section "Homa in the News".

On the HOMA FARM "El CEREZO" bananas and mangos are exported to USA and Europe. It also gives work to many villagers in a healthy environment.
These organic ecological HOMA prodcuts are excellent
and well paid. -



"EU has given notice to Britain not to plant any wheat in Eastern England which is a vast area especially for wheat. The reason given is the harvest of wheat contains much higher proportion of toxins than are normally allowed under EU. The farmers are asked to plant fodder instead.

We can easily show, say on 50 acres, that by Homa Organic Faring we can quickly improve the soil and natural micro-organisms will come. This will be a good basis to grow organic wheat of better quality and also better quantity per hectare." -



  • Anti-Stress and Mindtrainings Workshop
    in ADEX, Lima Peru

This is a practical application of the techniques presented in the Book of Shree Vasant: "Light towards Divine Path". This workshop has been presented in Universities, municipalities, schools, health centers, associations, drug-deaddiction centers, banks and other private and public agencies. It is always given free of charge.

  • Trip to COLOMBIA, USA and EUROPE

We are planing to visit:
Colombia in May
USA in June 
Europe in July

We will share AGNIHOTRA with many people. Anyone interested in being part of this, can contact us at:
You can help in many ways:

 - reaching the Media (Radio, Newspapers, TV, etc.)
 - contacting groups and organizations
 - organizing meetings
 - transportation
 - etc., etc.


  • DAY OF INDIA IN ADEX (Assoc. of Exporters), MAY 16th, 2006
    Lima, Peru

This will be a special event where several companies and organizations will present what INDIA can offer in relation to Culture, Arts, Science and Technology.
The ambassador of India and other important people will participate.
AGROHOMA, NGO will introduce HOMA THERAPY as the


Also AGNIHOTRA will be taught and done in front of a large audience. All AGNIHOTRIS are very wellcome. Please bring your HOMA instruments! -


"HOMA Therapy is a way one can begin the process of self-healing and assist people in breaking down barriers to success, good health and inner wisdom.

We offer Homa Therapy to continue the process of self-healing. Thus power is given back to the individual and there is no dependency either on chemical drugs, therapists or expensive therapies.

The person has the tools in hand to achieve self-healing through practice of ancient Vedic healing fires.

This is the New Era. It is the beginning. These are the seeds of the New Era we are planting.

If there is such a thing as the 'midnight hour', Earth is way past that, living on 'borrowed time.' We know it. It is not only ecological deterioration but disaster on a grand scale now. Whole forests are dying. Great waters are being poisoned. The heavens cannot hold more toxins. They rain down upon the earth.

It is our fervent prayer for this toxic rain to cease, for human beings to become aware of the deadly danger and begin the way to health and purity, harmony and healing. We are all One in the eyes of the Divine. HOMA Therapy brings PEACE, BLISS AND PROSPERITY to all.

We are working with the power of a Lion, the might of the warrior and Grace of Divine.

Wherever these HOMA HEALING HOLY FIRES are performed Grace unfolds.

You heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere heals you." -


"May 5, 2006 ORION

           Yes. The entire human population on this planet subsists on air that is primarily polluted, water that is often contaminated, foods which have progressively less nutrients in them year after year, soil which has been depleted of nutrients and necessary life energy, and climates which are so extreme and unpredictable that the organism—of human body—cannot come into proper balance. Therefore, ailments, diseases and allergies run rampant. On the psychological level, there are far more extreme phobias being reported, particularly in young children. The Earth has become a toxic planet. At this point in Earth beings’ evolution, there is no choice but to remain here and work for change and protection of environment. So many species of plants and animals are in danger of becoming extinct. And these are not rare, unusual species. Frogs, for example, are not rare. Can you imagine?

          Yes, we have focused on the political corruption and world domination as of late. We are not interested in man’s political wrangling, but when political corruption is mirrored in toxic, depleted Nature, this is when we must stand and move forward in defense of Nature."

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