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Diagram shows how Radioactivity spreads and affects all eco systems.






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Editor's Note:

On April 26th was the 20th anniversary of the greatest nuclear catastrophe, the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident in Ukraine.
- More than 9 million people were directly affected
- More than 270.000 cases with cancer
- Tens of Thousands children were born with deformations continuing still today
- More than 5.000 babies were born dead
This accident also generated a radioactive cloud that spread through Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. but specially in Eastern Europe it produced great damage to farming, cattle breeding, etc. The effects even reached the east coast of USA.

The former Soviet President, Michael Gorbachov recently urged the G8 (USA, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, Britain, Italy and Russia), the Worlds biggest industrialized Nations to support solar and other alternative energy sources. He was warning that oil and nuclear power were no viable energy sources for the future. He

Vast land spoiled by radioactivity.

Spreading of Radioactive Cloud produced by Chernobyl´s Nuclear Accident

stated that "Nuclear Power does not add up economically, environmentally or socially".
Besides, the conventional scientists do not know how to neutralize the toxic effects of radioactivity generated by this accident. It affects all Ecosystems for hundreds of years.

What can we do?
The answer is told in this Newsletter by Shree Vasant.

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1) H.T. is a Scientific Method
2) It is practical and simple
3) It diminishes quickly the problems related to Abstinence (Withdrawal)
4) It makes the Detox
ification a friendly process
Pain Irritability Drastic Mood Changes
Drastic Body Weight Changes
     Stabilizes normal sleep patterns
Concentration Positive Thinking
     It promotes Peace of Mind
6) It reduces or can eliminate the usage of therapeutic drugs
7) It shows quick results in less than 3 weeks
8) It treats many physical and emotional problems at the same time
9) It works as a "very powerful Silent Psychotherapy" that
Will Power in a positive direction
Fears, Anxiety, recalling of experiences
     c) Clears the mind and helps the patient to move away from negative
10) H.T. Treatment can be done at home, at a Rehab Center, at work or
       any place with simple adjustments according to the case
11) The treatment can involve the whole family
12) H.T. Treatment works on children, teenagers, adults and elders
13) It is not based on particular religious beliefs
14) It is a "very low cost treatment"
15) It does not require much education, even un illiterate person can  follow it.
16) It only requires a little effort.

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The Power of Agnihotra Ash Medicines

Karen Webb, Charlottesville, USA 

In the days preceding my move from Madison, VA, to Charlottesvilloe, VA, October 2005, my excellent dentist informed me I needed a root canal performed on a molar in the lower right-hand side of the mouth. Having gone through such procedures before, I just showed up at the dentist's office, had the procedure performed, and went back home to continue packing boxes since the movers were expected to show up three days later.

Two days later, however, I woke up before 4 a.m. with a thundering headache, and was nearly unable to open the right eye. In addition to performing Agnihotra twice daily and daily ingestion of Agnihotra healing ash before most meals, I added the recommended dosage of an over-the-counter allergy and sinus medication, thinking I might be having an allergic reaction to mold from working in the basement a lot, packing boxes. This medication didn't seem to help at all, and I called the dentist's office, asking for advice, thinking perhaps I might have an infection at the site of the root canal. The dentist suggested I start taking a broad spectrum antibiotic, but this medication didn't help either. In fact, the vision on the right eye became blurry, and I was seeing double, unable to drive a car.
 Luckily, my son from Baltimore, MD, came to help me, and he strongly felt I should go to an urgent care facility in Charlottesville.

Being in the city, I was now able to take taxis to drive me to this eye specialist and that one, before being taken to a hospital where an M.R.I (magnetic resonance imagery) confirmed a 2 cm tumor behind the right eye- where the blood vessels and nerves come together. The ophthalmologist was very baffled, and suggested I go for a second opinion, telling me that were she to operate, it was considered major surgery, and she might accidentally do damage to the muscles around the eye and to the optic nerve, causing a loss of vision.

Karen Webb practicing Tryambakam HOMA

At about this time, I received an invitation to come to Houston, TX, to participate in 11 days of Rudra Yagnya.
While in Houston, I heard from a friend that she had used Agnihotra eye drops  successfully to help clear up an eye problem her mother had had, and I decided to start preparing Agnihotra eye drops daily, following the instructions in "HOMA Therapy, The Ancient Science of Healing" by Monika Koch. After making and using these drops, one into the corner of the right eye, and one rubbed into the skin beneath the eye, a recent M.R.I. has now confirmed, the tumor behind the right eye has disappeared.
By Grace, the tumor behind my eye was gone.


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HOMA Therapy for the
health of pets

Eduardo Neira
Quito, Ecuador

"I want to let you know that here in my house we have just healed a dog giving him Agnihotra Ash.

We had taken him to the veterinarian because he was starving to death and blind. The doctor diagnosed advanced renal failure, irreversible blindness and told us that he would not live much longer.
But after a few days of feeding him Agnihotra Ash he revived, he recovered his eyesight and runs and plays now as usually with the other dogs. "


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Homa Therapy Research Program at CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University, Palampur, India
On 5th June the Resonance Hut was inaugurated with sunset Agnihotra Homa again through the Honorable Vice-Chancellor Dr. D.S. Rathore. A team of twenty top scientists have dedicated themselves to study organic farming techniques under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Atul, of which Agnihotra Homa Therapy Technique is the most exciting method.

Reiner and Manuela Sczypior, India


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You might want to watch:
"An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore

This is a scientific documentary about the forthcoming climatic changes and its consequencies 

and "The Peace Patriots"

This film is about the dissent in a time of war.


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June 30th - Centro ITB Paracelsus, Sevilla

July 1st -
Hotel Monasterio, Puerto Santa Maria

July 2nd - Foundation Centro "Las Torcas" H. Michael Deiss, Granada

July 4th -
Anti AIDS committee, Algeciras

July 5th -
"Project Man" Rehabilitation Center for drug addicts, Jerez de la Frontera

Following Homa events in Spain titled
"Homa Therapy - Total Healing" were organized
and sponsored by Christa and Ricardo Mena:

June 28th - English School "Centro Zeus", Ronda

June 29th - Association of Neighbours of Valdelagrana, Puerto Santa Maria

- TV interview

I am enclosing photos from my recent trip to Singapore and Bangkok. At Bangkok, I had an opportunity to present  Agnihotra at Jivaka International Ayurveda Conference. I conducted Agnihotra meetings at: Yoga Studio, Sanskrit Study Centre, Hindu Devi Mandier.

At Singapore I conducted meetings at: 2 at the Art of Living Centre, at a family residence and in Sindhu House at Geeta Ashram. In Singapore we had given 36 pyramids during the five days of Homa Therapy presentation. It was a nice and blessed trip. This was my first ever trip abroad which gave me confidence that I would be able to visit any part of the world to share this message of universal brotherhood achieved through Homa Healing Fires and the opportunity to feed the atmosphere with vibrations of love.  
Krishna Barad, India


www.terapiahoma.com - www.homa1.com -www.homatherapy.info


Invitation to participate

This website can be a window to the world that shows what you are doing with these HOMA Healing Fires in your daily life.

If you are doing AGNIHOTRA for Physical - Mental Health, Harmony in the Family, Education, Rehabilitation, Behavioral Change, Agriculture, Cattle Raising, Ecology, Research, supporting the Circle of Life and Energy Cycles of the Earth or any other reason, please let everyone know about your experiences and write us. By sharing our experiences with others we bring HOPE to many.

Master Vasant is an example of this SHARING. Let's follow HIS steps. There is a lot of space in the web sites for documents, pictures, audios, videos, etc.
This information can also be made available in different languages. We ALL can play a greater role as Instruments of the Divine through Agnihotra. But we have to move from Thinking into ACTION. You can do this by expressing Love in all your actions and by sharing Agnihotra HOMA.

Please send your pictures of Agnihotra with your family and friends. Maybe you are already sharing this knowledge in cultural, scientific or spiritual events. Maybe you are already doing it at home, hospitals, schools, health centers, work or public gatherings. Communicate your experiences!

Let's hear YOUR News. Let's be part of the Loving HOMA Wave that is spreading all over the world.


www.terapiahoma.com - www.homa1.com -www.homatherapy.info


"In Eastern Europe, an experiment can be made concerning radioactivity in the soil. This we can foresee having a dynamic effect on the wellbeing of Europe on the whole.
By utilizing ancient techniques of fumigation as well as farming and using the ash of Homa Fires as well as the Homa fires themselves, radioactivity IN THE SOIL can be eradicated or at least greatly reduced.
This will be sufficient evidence to render this science of Homa Therapy completely sound and effective in treatment of various radioactivity situations including physical illness in human beings and the animal kingdom, as well as plants and water resources."

Picture of Agnihotra Fire taken in Brasil one day after the Chernobyl accident. (Photo: Nelson Alves Nunes da Silva)


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Excerpts form the June, 2006 Messages

.  "Current weather systems are irregular, completely erratic. Weather can reach record-breaking heights or record-breaking lows, as Nature unleashes her fury. As the layer of useful atmosphere thins, breathing becomes burdened for those with a predilection toward respiratory weakness. Animals' behaviour will become erratic as the weather. However, at such places where Mantras of higher vibrational frequency are being chanted, fires of healing performed, and the honouring of Nature's resources observed with reverence-at such places as this farm, indeed the energy trends will be reversed! That is to say, at such high energy sites, breathing will be lighter, sleep will be more restful, and the effects of radiation will be unrecorded. At such sites where fires are performed with regularity, RADIATION will not penetrate this land. It is as if a protective shield is created in the atmosphere around such sites as this...
This brings us to the main point. That is, organic farming en masse. You see, if those who are in control of natural resources seek to destroy them, and themselves in the process
- the surprise which awaits their greed and insolence - you may not be able to stop them. Keep trying, but simultaneously create havens where you may begin your walk with the nature forces in communion and harmony, as is the way of old. Yes, then, if your way cooperates with the forces of Nature, you will find your places protected as if by an unseen force guided to nurture and heal your every movement.
 This particularly comes through the fire, though others may also reap the benefits who are in close proximity to fire sites. Fire means Agnihotra fire, sunrise-sunset energy. Realize however, that time is of the essence and there is no time like NOW to begin your move. Do not delay.
There is an evil brewing within the houses of parliament and the international governmental forums. Meetings are being held behind closed doors, with absolutely no regard for environment.

We are neither superstitious nor particularly doomsday carriers, but one must be aware of one's enemies in order to know where to place one's focus.
If one's attackers are coming from the east for example, one's plan of action may not be to meet them head on, but instead to move toward the sites of great power in order to strengthen and fortify yourselves and empower the areas of safety and harmony. This is not retreating, but empowering. This is why we are urging those of you who are able, to create shelters, farms of the future with the intent to provide sustenance and safety for larger groups of beings who may come toward you for assistance when the Earth revolts. Those safe havens will remain safe havens and will be the forefront of the New World to come.
Indeed, the fire AGNIHOTRA seeds the atmosphere and creates a healing like no other we have experienced on this planet. The fire amplifies the effect of whatever healing practice, including prayer, you choose to do. It is astounding that something so simple, so unadorned if you will, can produce such bountiful harvest in gardens, create healing atmosphere for animals to thrive in, ease burdens on the mind and bring into harmony the elements of Nature. It is Super science. It is Sacred science. OM TAT SAT."

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