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The Heart -
Our Love Center

Let us think about our heart for a moment. By the way, when was the last time you did that?
Did you have a chest pain?
Were you heart broken?
Let us look at it closer: The heart is a muscle with 4 chambers that fills up and empties by contracting and relaxing. It receives blood from the whole body and pumps blood to the whole body continuously. It has rhythm and frequency (+/- 72 beats /minute). It has a typical sound. This drum produces its own music.
The heart rate can be modified by the respiration and the physical activity. But, it can also be affected by many other external (food, sound, images, touch, fragrances, etc.) and internal (thoughts, emotions, etc.) factors.
If the heart stops for a moment the physical life can be in danger. Our dear heart is working even during sleep.
However, the cardio-vascular problems are the main cause of death in developed countries. There are many cases of myocardium infarcts (heart attacks), cerebral vascular accidents (internal bleedings), diminished circulation, blockages, arrhythmias and high blood pressure.
These are related to:
1) food loaded with saturated animal fats
2) lack of exercise
3) high levels of anger
4) others
And there are also many diseases (cancer, AIDS, arthritis, Lupus, etc.) related to disorders in the immune system. The thymus gland is part of this system and it is located close to the heart.
Scientists are discovering more relationships between organs and emotions.
It is said, that "The heart is the Center of Love".
But we can also see an increase of the divorce rate and short term relationships. The ability to give and receive love is dysfunctional in many cases.
Self study brings us to self knowledge, so let us ask ourselves:
Why do some people bring a hand to the heart when they declare their love to someone?


Why do some people bring their hands together in front of the chest when they pray, offer respect or salute someone?
Why do we hug, trying to bring the hearts closer?
Why do some people carry pendants with pictures on their chest?
Why do some people bring a hand to the chest when they swear to speak the truth?
What or who turns on this heart? What of who turns it off?
What is meant by ………………................?
"Blessed are the pure at heart" Bible, Mt. 5-8
"The kingdom of heaven is within"
"I am in the heart of everyone" Bhagavad Gita. 15
"A happy heart is a good remedy" Bible, Pr. 17-22
"Wash the wickedness off your heart" Bible, Jer. 4-14
"The wisdom of the heart"
"The fire of love in our heart"
"The fire of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mother Mary"
"Speak only when your heart is pure"
"If you want peace in your world, establish peace in your home; if you want peace in your home, bring peace into your heart" Chinese proverb
"Love God with all your heart …"
"Love thy neighbour as thyself"
By now, you probably realize that TO LOVE is not just a religious precept, it is also a healing action for body and mind. But how to purify our heart and remove EASILY the weed (emotional blockages, anger, resentment, envy and other negative emotions) from our heart? How to increase EASILY the production and quality of our fruits (compassion, understanding, kindness, joy, etc.)? How to increase EASILY the fire of love in our heart? The answer is simple: Practice AGNIHOTRA
Let's capture this energy of love and fill our cup (heart). Let's be love. Let's spread love. Let's do Agnihotra.


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Healing of the Heart
Navy Commander Fernando Zurita
Quito, Ecuador, South America

When one person is sick at home, all the family is usually affected. Navy Commander Fernando Zurita had already been operated twice on the heart. If you want to know how he was healed completely with Homa Therapy and how this helped to close the psychological wounds in the family, we invite you to see this video clip. His doctors were very astonished.
Navy Commander Fernando Zurita and his wife Vicky are in charge of the Homa Center in Quito.

Commander Zurita and his wife Vicky teaching Agnihotra in the Humboldt Chapel, in San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, South America.

Women's Healing Circles with Homa Fires

Katty Cecilia Gonzalez Zapata
Piura, Peru, South America

I still remember the first time I read the first pages of the book "Light towards Divine Path" written by Master Vasant. My astonishment and happiness were tremendous when reading that
something existed that could take me out of that vicious cycle formed by emotional and mental situations that provide us with 1 gram of happiness followed by 1kilo of suffering.
The formula consisted in the practice of 5 aspects in our daily life: Yagnya, Dana, Tapa, Karma, Swadhyaya.

 From then on, more than 6 years ago, I began with the practice of the Yagnya, Agnihotra being the main one and basic fire of the Homa Therapy. At the beginning I didn't understand anything. However its practice began to generate radical and rapid changes in my person, understanding the importance of a good diet based on vegetable products that are highly energetic and healthy. My mind started to generate little by little actions and thoughts more conscious and harmonious and at the same time my fears, insecurities, bitterness, resentments, selfishness that one creates with his actions and thoughts, were eliminated. With all these changes I felt alleviated and happy. It is that happiness that we all yearn for and of which we erroneously believe that it is outside of us. Today I can say through my own experience that it is not this way. Everyone can choose the happiness inside and does not need to choose the suffering. But we all need a little, but powerful material help, which is the regular practice of Agnihotra. Today I thank God and Master Vasant for their infinite love and also all people who shared this knowledge so I could experience this change within me.
Every time I am able to attend the Women's Healing Circle, I feel a different energy. It is like entering in a special place that is in this world but not part of it, leaving behind that whole load that accumulates during the week as a product of daily work and interpersonal chores.
I feel liberated and I center myself as a person, as woman, as a spark of the divine and I meditate about the positive changes taking place in my thoughts, my acts, and that allows me to continue growing. My capacity of understanding increases tremendously when I listen to different experiences and identify myself in some cases. My love grows and I become full with joy. It is a permanent joy that is reflected in a constant smile, which renews me and allows me to continue on this Divine path. Om Shree


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Report about the Effectivity of the
Homa Supertechnology on "El Cerezo"

Eng. Carlos Augusto Pajuela is proud of his Homa farm. Flowering of Mango trees. Increase in harvest with excellent quality fruits, desired abroad.

Eng. Carlos Augusto Pajuelo
Piura, Peru, South America

The Homa farm "El Cerezo" is in Piura, Peru, South America. I planted 10.000 Mango trees, variety Kent in 30 hectares in 1997. But we lost all the production in Piura with the climatic changes of "El Nino" in 1998. Banks were not giving loans either. However, in 2001, while I was the Director of the Office of the Ministry of Agriculture in Piura, I was fortunate to learn about the Agro Homa Supertechnology and decided to apply it in my farm.
The situation of the farm was critical, since there was not enough water, fertilization and appropriate management. The plantation was 4 years old with zero production. The Mango usually produces after 3 years.
The following chart shows what happened with Homa application on my farm:

2001 - 2002                                                 50,000
2002 - 2003                                               110,000
2003 - 2004                                               210,000
2004 - 2005                                               280,000
2005 - 2006                                               400,000

As you can see, there is a continuous increase in the production of an excellent, tasty and well paid fruit in the international market.
Now, we added 22 hectares of organic banana and a packaging building. Dole is buying and exporting our fruits.
Besides greater and healthy production, the Agro Homa Supertechnology fruit is excellent, organic, ecological and exportable. Homa also provides an excellent working atmosphere.

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"Go Shala" Centers throughout the state of Rajasthan, India are implementing HOMA TECHNOLOGY.

Biosol Homa- Powerful Fertilizer for crops
developed by Dr. Gloria Guzman from Peru.

We had been invited by Mr. Bhawan Lal Kothari who is president of Rajasthan Go Seva Sangh, a Private Trust that is for the improvement of cows. There are 12 centers called "Go Shalas" throughout the state, and in all of them Agnihotra and Homa Organic Farming Methods will be established.
It is really an amazing and uplifting work. With each center
, there are many surrounding villages (up to 100) that feed off the Go Shala. Due to this, we are in direct contact with 1000's of homes and farms. Three Homa Resonance Points have been established and over 13 Biosol Homa Fertilizer tanks are working .
Shree Vasant said "We are going to fulfill the dream of greening the Deserts with Homa Organic farming and Biosol Homa".
Just by spraying Agnihotra Ash Solution, we are hearing of instant results. One example is of spinach and Dahl (bean) crop which was sprayed and already after the first spraying the spinach changed color and became greener and there were no more mosquitoes. The response is enthusiastic and we can feel the anxiousness and desperation fall away. The farmers are given new opportunities with Homa Technology applied in Farming and Cattle Raising.
What is most significant is, that the cow gives so much and all what she gives can be used as medicine. The Rajasthan Go Seva Sangh produces several different medicines only from the cow, such as medicine for the eyes, skin, oils for the body, etc. Cow's urine has healed people of cancer and kidney disease. NOW HOMA is being added and one can imagine the tremendous impact this will have on the Healing properties of these medicines. Already there is support and interest from different sectors. Remember, Agnihotra cannot function without the cow!

Cabri sick and weak.

The little cow improving and healing. 

Practicing the Homa Fires with Cabri.

The story of Cabri is the story of a small cow that was abandoned in a stable in the city of Rawala Mundi in the Rajashtan State in North India. This cow was abandoned for 3 months and had a deep wound (to the bones) in the left front paw. The wound was full of worms and flies with a rotten smell. The day we arrived we saw Cabri and together with the workers of the stable we took out the worms and gave her twice the Agnihotra ash solution to drink. The following day the little cow was already eating. We also did put Agnihotra ash in her food and did the Agnihotra and Triambakam Homa beside Cabri. After a few days only, she gained strength and the wound is healing with the Agnihotra Ointment (Agnihotra ash powder with Ghee). Now Cabri has a good appetite and is much stronger. The volunteers of the stable (Go Shala) are taking care of her with lots of affection.
Juan Rodrigues and Mary Lee Weir, India   shakti_fire@yahoo.com

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Dr. Monika Koch
Germany, Bankholzen

Chemtrails over Essex, UK

...over Baltimore, USA

...over Washington, USA

In many places in Europe, we are looking at long unusual cloudy days. And these clouds are seeded with toxic chemicals like Aluminum Oxide or Barium Oxide. This is known under the word "Chemtrails" and you can find a lot of information in internet (above 3 Chemtrail pictures from www.rense.com). This was forwarned by Master Shree Vasant V. Paranjpe in his  book "Homa Therapy - Our Last Chance": "Clouds that have been seeded for rain are going to poison the Earth." (Chapter 10, Toxins).

Plastic furniture is damaged through acidity of the chemicals in the rain.

So, all these elements poison the clouds, which means that also the rain becomes poisonous, and so everything is affected by these chemicals. Even the plants have to suffer. And even the furniture outside becomes damaged by these chemicals. Imagine what is happening to our lungs breathing in this terrific atmosphere? How to escape?
We are lucky to have the solution with the Homa Fires. We have experienced this here in our place, but also on so many other places and we always get the same result. When you do at one place Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset and additionally minimum 4 hours of Tryambakam Homa, then really the atmosphere is taken care of and you can detoxify the complete surrounding where you do these fires. So we feel very grateful to have a help not only for the plants, but also for water, for the people, for the atmosphere from which we live. So Homa Therapy is truly a holistic approach to total health for the complete biosphere.

Heavily clouded sky with Chemtrails starts opening
up when Homa Fires are being performed.

Already after a short time the sky  opens and
sunlight comes through.

There were periods  where we had for weeks and weeks only cloudy sky. Only clouds, no sunlight, no stars during the night, only clouds. In the clinic we noticed that so many people went into depression. They said ´we have not enough light, we are sad, we are depressed, we cannot help ourselves, etc'. But also the plants got into the problem, and they are dependent on enough sunlight to develop chlorophyll. So we found out, that if we do Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset and additionally 4 hours of Triambakam Homa every day, then we can help this situation and the blue sky can come back.
For example in early spring, here in Germany, we had an interesting situation. Our friend planted some little plants which usually used to grow in May, because of spring time and all the plant life is starting. But, because of the steady cloudy situation after 4 weeks the seedling still had the same small size. They absolutely did not grow. Only when we started with these Yagnyas, the sunlight could come back and then the plants could start growing like usual. So it is really an important point, not only for any farmer and gardener but also for every person to take care that these situations can come back to normal. Everybody can protect himself/herself by just doing these medicinal Homa fires.


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Homa Health Meetings in Ica, Peru, South America

After a short interview on the local TV, just a few hours before the Homa Health Presentation, many people were attracted to find out more about this Bioenergetic Healing with Homa Therapy.

"Homa Farming Super Technology"
Video Presentation
Meeting with farmers and Agronomical Engineers in Ica.
The department of Ica is one of the biggest producers of asparagus, grapes, paprika and all kinds of vegetables, etc. for Peru and it also exports these products. One of the Engineers present in the demonstration of Homa Technology in Agriculture and Cattle Raising summarized the problem of most of the farmers this way:
"We have lot of plagues and diseases. We are forced to apply stronger chemicals and more frequently to control the problems. Still, even with all the use of the fertilizers, the harvest is decreasing, and the cost increasing."

Homa Organic Farming Methods is the Way Out of this dilemma, which affects so many families.  

There have been several Homa Meeting in Ica and now already many people participate actively doing Agnihotra with their own Homa Healing Instruments.

All Homa Meetings took place in the Tourist "Hotel Carmelo" thanks to the owner, Don Manuel, his friends Rosa Pinto and Rosa Grados. In all of the Ica pictures "Light Orbs" can be observed. (What is a Light orb?: "It is something material. When things harmonize, sometimes they appear".) In the Hotel Carmelo, the daily sharing of evening Agnihotra continues and everybody is welcome to participate and learn about Agnihotra Healing Fire.

Lima, Peru, South America: Every weekend, Saturdays and Sundays, the Agnihotra Fire is being taught and practiced in the "Parque de Lima" in the Center of Lima. Prof. Egberto as a Homa Volunteer is in charge of these regular meetings throughout the whole year, which were established through the Lima Mayor's office.

Lima, Peru, South America:
New Moon Tryambakam Homa Training and Practice
in APTECH, school for Computer High Tech.
All the necessary effort, concentration and much enthusiasm were shown by all the participants in order to learn this additional, powerful and simple Mantra
s and Homa Fire.

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If you need the Agnihotra time table for 2007 please write with anticipation to  agnihotrahorario@yahoo.com  and let us know your name, city, district,
country and phone number. Thanks!

Invitation to participate

We ALL can play a greater role as Instruments of the Divine through practicing and teaching Agnihotra.
Please send your pictures of Agnihotra Fires with your family and friends. Maybe you are already sharing this knowledge in cultural, scientific or spiritual events. Maybe you are doing it at home, in a hospital, school, health center, work, public or private gathering. Communicate your experiences!

Let's hear YOUR News. We all can be part of the Loving HOMA Wave that is spreading all over the world.

We would like to thank for all the contributions, assistance  and help for the HOMA HEALTH Newsletter and we keep inviting you to use this Newsletter as a window to the world that shows how wonderful these HOMA Healing Fires work.
Please send us your experiences with Homa Therapy. By sharing our experiences with others we bring HOPE to many. Your experience can also be made available in different languages in the HOMA web site.



What everyone now is looking for is a way out, a way to become happy. Nobody knows what is happiness anymore. It is our job to show them.
Purificatory effect of Agnihotra atmosphere on diseased patients can easily be studied now. One can experiment with Agnihotra and heart patients. This will be the breakthrough needed.
Time is drifting out of the picture. Everything is now. There is no future. Unless strides are taken now by science in the direction of Vedic Knowledge they will be lost. Destruction is imminent. By Grace it will be avoided.

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...Evolution does not arise from preponderance of thought. Meditation transforms the normal thinking process into a higher state of awareness which changes even the cells of the body. Actually, deep meditation can have such a profound effect on the body, it can heal illness, lower blood pressure, ease breathing and calm the heart. It can relax muscles and remove tension, especially when it is precipitated by practice of HOMA healing fire. Agnihotra itself alone reduces tension on the mind. Add to that, deep meditation and the body and mind will undergo a powerful purification process.

To read the full version of the
Orion Transmission please enter:

August 2006
...There is so much poison in the atmosphere and now, with the advent of chemical additives in foods as well as being sprayed into the upper levels of the stratosphere, human beings will be more disconcerted and feel less in control of their own destinies. There is mind control on earth as well as in the skies. This is bound to produce effects similar to those of vertigo, when the being becomes disoriented and physically feels somewhat dizzy or light-headed. This wreaks havoc with those beings who already have physical challenges. There are solutions.

            AGNIHOTRA creates a protective shield which surrounds the place where you live. This acts as a barrier to such energies as we have just described. Because beings are not likely to sit in the home 24 hours a day, there will be some effects from outside pollution and so on. However, the home environment is key to solving the problem on an individual basis. Creating an environment which is safe from such invading chemicals aimed at mind control, as well as reducing the effects of atmospheric pollution, certainly is a step in the right direction. Not only does this simple fire protect from outer sources of negative energies, physical and otherwise, but it also creates a healing atmosphere which rejuvenates and regenerates one’s being, physical and otherwise! This is our strongest recommendation for the human race. We shall say no more for the moment. OM

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