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What is it? Everyone wants it, but not many people always have it? What does it take to be happy: money, food, house, clothes, pleasure, fame, power, knowledge, health, peace, etc.? Do you really need all of these? Yes, many poor people envy the rich ones. However, have you seen any poor people with happier faces? Why are some people happy with few belongings while others need many? Have you heard of the poor millionaire?
Could it be because happiness is not in the objects or holding to the objects? Many rich people worry constantly. Could it be because the more you own, the more you worry about how to keep it? Can you be happy independently of having or holding on to something? Why is it easier for some people to be happier than others? Could it be because some people require more or have higher expectations or greater demands? Is happiness a mental state or an emotional one? Do you think "happiness" or you feel "happiness"? Have you seen the happiness of children on the playground? Are envy, greed, ego, lust, etc. related to happiness?
Who is happier? The one who has
a) whatever he/she wants
b) more than the average

AGNIHOTRA, the Fire of Joy.

c) less than the average
d) nothing
e) whatever without attachment
Question: is happiness something you get from outside or inside? Are some people born with more happiness than others? Is it related to a genetic characteristic? Can you get it in a pill? Is it a chemical phenomenon? Is it a realization or understanding or is it related to the innocence and purity that you see in a child? Can you buy happiness? For how long? Can you have happiness here and whenever you want it? Is having happiness equal to being happy? What do you have to change? Can the same object or situation give you the same happiness all the time like 2+3= 5? Can you get saturated by it like too much honey or cheese or whatever? Can you choose to be happy with whatever you have or face? Most people recognize the importance of money to fulfill certain responsibilities today and there is nothing wrong with it as long as you are also detached. Can you be happy by practicing “Let Thy Divine Will be done and not mine?”
AGNIHOTRA can help us answer these questions.
Agnihotra can pave the way to Joy and Prosperity.


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Homa Healing Stories

Maria Elena Melendez
Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"I am going to tell you a powerful experience I had with the practice of Homa Therapy. The second time I did Agnihotra, the cockroaches disappeared! It was impossible to live at our home  because of the cockroaches. We were poisoning ourselves and not them. We have had this problem with the roaches for over 10 years. However, after the second Agnihotra all the cockroaches were gone. Now, even on hot days, we have no cockroaches.
Also I had a wart on the second toe, on the inner side, which did not allow me to walk, nor to put shoes on, nor could I sit quietly. It was 20 days that my foot hurt all the time and it was trembling when I was sitting.

Well, the first time  I did Agnihotra, I mixed the Agnihotra ash with a little clarified butter (Ghee) and placed it on the wart. I thought to myself, how crazy that I'm doing this. But the next day the wart was gone! Nothing left of it. I could not believe that with a single application of the Agnihotra crème the next day I was healed."

Iris Perry
Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"My experience was in Cocos, Córdoba. I arrived there after I had learned Agnihotra. There was a very bad environment; neighbors were fighting and even showing guns around their waists. It was very violent, very ugly. Well, I got there and I was really scared about so much violence and so ugly things. I did Agnihotra at sunset and sunrise and  calmness and tranquility started to spread on the second day. Some neighbors, who did not know what I  was doing,  told me: "Iris, did you notice how everything calmed down, so much the tranquility ? Something strange is happening here!"  Even the violent person  apologized to the victim.

Well, this was a very wonderful experience, because I simply did not know how I was going to deal with this situation. That happened in my house after the second  Agnihotra. "




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Agronomist Carolina Morales
Agronomist Cecilia Lara Pol
from the UAP (University Arturo Prat)
Iquique, Chile

These Engineers developed during the years 2006/2009 studies on Homa farming technology applied to Fruits / Vegetables in Northern Chile. They compared conventional Agriculture with Homa farming and their research shows that the Homa fruits have better values in all parameters (harvesting time, size, color, polar and equatorial diameters and organoleptic characteristics of fruit).

The Engineers practicing morning Agnihotra in the field.

The Agnihotra made strong vibrational connections among the gardeners, the plants and the atmosphere.
The molecular and homeopathic action of Ghee (clarified unsalted butter) promotes the formation of chlorophyll.
Thanks to the catalytic effect of Ghee and the vascular breathing of the plants, they are able to be covered with a protective layer against pests and diseases in a Homa atmosphere.
The sounds of the agricultural Homa Mantras make the plants better recipients of the highest vibrations. The combined effect of these Mantras and the Homa smoke (related to dried cow manure, Ghee, Whole Brown Rice, Fire, Copper and Geometry) produces certain types of electricity and ethers which induce a rapid rise in nutrients in the Garden Homa.
The nutrition of the smoke produced by the Homa creates a colloidal dissipation (natural flocculation) of the pollutants (regional, urban smog, airborne chemicals, ..) suspended in the atmosphere that surround the Garden
The atmosphere is cleansed of pollutants allowing more airline transportation of nutrients to the plants.
The Application of Homa ashes as: solids, solutions, bio-preparations and semi-gaseous (BIOSOL HOMA) provide additional nutrition to crops and encourage immunizing processes against infection.
Increased pollination for more bees are attracted to the Homa atmosphere. This helps to increase harvesting.

INVITATION to the HOMA GARDENING workshop with Eng. Carolina Morales:
Homa gardens can produce more nutritious and healthy vegetables.              This will be a 10 hours workshop. Saturday (from 9:30 am to sunset). December 5th at the Eco Granja Homa de Olmué  - ECHO, Chile.
For more information please contact Mr. Luis Valenzuela Tel. 056 033 441356 and 9 2502816   Email: ecogranjahoma@yahoo.com



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Toxic Fish Found in Lakes, Reservoirs Across 47 States

WASHINGTON, DC, November 11, 2009 (ENS) - Fish from lakes and reservoirs across the Lower 48 U.S. states are riddled with toxic chemicals, according to a new study released Tuesday by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Mercury and PCBs were detected in every fish sample from all 500 lakes and reservoirs tested. The data showed mercury concentrations in game fish exceeding EPA’s recommended consumption levels at 49 percent of all lakes and reservoirs nationwide, and polychlorinated biphenyls, PCBs, in game fish at levels of potential concern at 17 percent of lakes and reservoirs. The findings are based on a comprehensive four-year national study using more data on levels of contamination in fish tissue than any previous study.

Bass caught in a Wisconsin lake (Photo credit unknown)

The study excluded the Great Lakes and Great Salt Lake. Delaware is the only state in the Lower 48 where no fish were tested. For the first time, based on these results, EPA is able to estimate the percentage of lakes and reservoirs nationwide that have fish containing potentially harmful levels of chemicals such as mercury, PCBs, arsenic, dioxins and furans, DDT, and chlordane. Burning fossil fuels, primarily coal, accounts for nearly half of mercury air emissions caused by human activity in the United States, and those emissions are a significant contributor to mercury in water bodies. From 1990 through 2005, emissions of mercury into the air decreased by 58 percent. Yet, fish in 48.8 percent of the sampled lakes had mercury tissue concentrations that exceeded the 300 ppb human health screening values for mercury - a total of 36,422 lakes. The EPA emphasizes that women of child-bearing age and children should follow fish consumption advisories for mercury issued by federal agencies and state governments.
Because these findings apply to fish caught in lakes and reservoirs, it is particularly important for recreational and subsistence fishers to follow their state and local fish advisories, the EPA warns.


The Ex-minister of Health in Finland, Dr. Rauni Kilde, tells another truth about the flu AH1N1 vaccines (English with Spanish subtitles)

The nun Teresa Forcades explains about the same subject in:
BELL TOLLING for the Swine Flu
(CAMPANAS por la gripe A)
http://www.vimeo.com/7298827  english subtitled



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Belgrano, Buenos Aires
Before leaving Argentina Prof. Abel was asked to do a Healing Mantra workshop with Agnihotris. Mrs. Shoba Madariya and her son, Shivo
(photo left) offered to have the workshop in their Center, the Ayurvedic Association, founded by her late husband, Dr. Domar Singh, who was the pioneer in bringing this vast Ayurvedic knowledge to Argentina more than 20 years ago.
Additional Homa fires were taught and much emphasis was laid on the correct pronunciation of the Tryambakam Mantra in connection with the Homa fire in order to receive all the benefits from this additional powerful Homa tool.



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Barrio Agronomia, Buenos Aires
A private Agnihotra meeting arranged by Mrs. Ananda Bharati and Mrs. Mabel Noemi Sabin  in BA.  We are very grateful to the Divine for meeting many wonderful people  who will continue spreading the so much needed LIGHT through the practice of AGNIHOTRA HEALING FIRE in Argentina.
(photo above)


Do you know the song “Viejo, mi querido Viejo”? It was one of the most popular songs in South America in the late 60’s and recognizes the importance of the father in the family. This song is a classical, remembered by many till today. We had the honor to meet and share Agnihotra with the singer of many great songs through our friend Iza Hesusius from Colombia: His name is PIERO de Benedictis...
He is and always has been a protest singer. With his voice, words and music, he goes directly to the point. We met on our Homa tour through Argentina many wonderful people, young and old, for whom Piero is a symbol of revolution, for singing the truth without fear in difficult times and for spreading hope.

Dear Piero, may the Agnihotra fire enlighten your vision of this world and may it strengthen your voice to sing the truth out loud to wake up the ones who are ready to hear. Thank you for your inspiration!
To hear and see more from Piero please enter: http://pieroonline.com



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Lima, Peru
Prof. Humberto's Vegetarian Restaurant is the Agnihotra meeting point every Saturday for sunset Agnihotra. Interesting facts, news, testimonies and lots of joy and love are shared with the participants. There are always some newcomers, who are surprised and astonished by the wide application and implication of the practice of Homa Therapy. Everyone is invited to participate and experience the Healing energies produced by this simple Agnihotra technique. Come and join!
(photos this page)



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West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Dr. Mario Chavez and his lovely wife Yuri have been disciplined Agnihotris for many years. They meet frequently to share and teach the Homa fires in their Nutrition Center "MA-YU".
(photo above)


When going on a tour with the Agni-Mayu group, Agnihotra is an essential part. It is being shared in all different occasions.  Dr. Mario Chavez gives many testimonies of many healings using Agnihotra and its ashes.
(photo left) Meeting with the Apache Leader  BEAR PAW and KUA.
(photo above)
Morning Agnihotra in order to get all the positive energy needed for a new day full of adventures in a Hotel in El Paso, Texas.




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During this 'spiritual learning and self-study tour' of the MaYu group, also Tryambakam Homa was shared in this Sacred Apache Circle, which previously had been  carefully selected and prepared for the Sacred Fire. (photo left)
Many ancient tribes consider the element FIRE as being instrumental in purification and transformation on a personal and planetary level.


Santa Elena de Guairen, La Gran Savanna, Venezuela
Mrs. Mimi, Ms. Jhoja, Ms. Mariana and friends are intensively practicing Agnihotra and all other Homa fires on a farm close to the border of Brazil. (photo above) We and many Agnihotris are thinking about you and are sending lots of love to this far corner of the planet. Keep up your wonderful work!




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Bogota, Colombia
Mrs. Maria Teresa Nunez  (on photo above left) keeps regular Agnihotra meetings on Thursdays with the help of other Homa friends like Dr. Magmud, Jaime Valbuena, Luz Amanda, etc. She writes: "In our Agnihotra meetings, there is  an average of 10 people, who want to know more about HOMA Therapy and approx. the same number of practicing Agnihotris.  Each time, we feel that we 'rise' more with Agnihotra. We also continue reading the messages of Master Shree Vasant and always get amazed  how accurately they fit to the assistants needs each and every time. Love and Light to everyone." (photos this page)



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When: Saturday, 12th of DECEMBER 2009

 the Catholic Chapell of the "Universidad Politecnica
Salesiana Domingo Comin"
(Ave. Domingo Comin and Daule,
diagonal to the Church 'Maria Auxiliadora')

Time: 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

The outstanding success of the Homa Festivals 2007 and 2008 has inspired the organizers again this year to continue this event of Joy and Healing on a grand scale for the benefit of all participants and of the planet.
Dr. Montufar, his wife Olga Benitez, their daughter Italia and all the many helpers from the Homa Medical Clinic "The good Sheppard" together with Sonia Hunter and her crew from the Homa Center are once again putting their forces together to make this Festival happen.

Come and join, bring your family and friends to the Homa Festival and experience TRUE JOY and LOVE.
To See  TV commercial by © Fernando  about the Mega Homa Event on YouTube:
click here


Eco-Homa Farm of Olmue - ECHO Chile invites:

On Saturday, 28th of Nov. a National Homa Meeting takes place in Chile at the Eco Granja Homa Olmue, the main reference of Homa Therapy in the Practice of Organic Agriculture in this country:
This meeting will begin with a presentation by Dr. Irma Garcia on Shree Vasant’s messages, followed by a series of talks on the Homa practice in different areas:

Homa Therapy on Planetary level, Homa Health, Homa Mantras, Homa Agriculture and finally an exchange of ideas and proposals on today's and tomorrow's tasks in the Chilean Homa Satsang.
Among the major speakers, there will be Dr. Irma Garcia, Eng. Hector Rosas, Prof. Carlos Bustamante and Agronomist Carolina Morales.  We will also enjoy "Sounds from India" from the musical Group "Francisco San Miguel" in between the talks.
For more information please contact Mr. Luis Valenzuela - Telephone: 056 033 4413 56 9 2502816, e-mail: ecogranjahoma@yahoo.com




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Pharmacist  Monika Koch, Germany


Do you have knees? Yes, of course without any question, everyone usually has two knees. But  the question: are you  aware of your knees? If the knees are healthy, we don’t feel them. But what if the knee hurts or if it is swollen? Then we feel the importance of the knee in every step, in every movement. It helps to be flexible and to carry our body. It is important for our freedom to be able to walk and move around.

I have a friendly acquaintance, he goes his way looking at the trees, at the birds in the sky, at the clouds - and suddenly, he stumbles and lies on his nose. Oh dear, again, the knee! Whenever he stumbles or falls and gets hurt - he always damages his knee. Sometimes the skin is scratched and there is some bleeding, sometimes he has a hematoma. Once he fell and his leg was so distorted that the entire knee and area around the knee was so swollen that you could not see the knee any more. From the calf up to the thigh the leg was swollen. To even make one single step was impossible. The pain was too much. What to do? Of course, a doctor you trust, if available, is always the first point of contact. But you yourself  can do much to enhance and restore the health of the knee.
When you are bleeding on the knee you can sprinkle Agnihotra ash powder on the wound and if you have a bruise apply a thin layer of Agnihotra ash mixed with ghee every hour. When the knee is swollen and hot, you can wrap a cold Agnihotra ash water compresses and add every 15 minutes fresh Agnihotra ash water from the outside. This way the wrap remains cool and assists in the healing of the swelling. Perhaps you can also elevate the leg, so the edema can diminish faster.

But my dear friend also wondered why it was always his knee. If he had pain, it was always with his knees! He wanted to end this problem and started an experiment:                      Quite deliberately, he tried not to raise his head and nose high above everything else, but to be more attentive about the life around him. Suddenly he noticed that his wife had so much work and he began to help her. On the road, he suddenly met people who needed his help with carrying a bag, with crossing the road, supporting a person who was using a walker, etc.
All he now could see touched his heart and he started to help the fellow man, wherever and whenever possible. Service - a big word for the thousands of little things he found he could do to help others in everyday life.
After months, it suddenly occurred to him that his knees did not hurt at all. He had not fallen on his knees, he had not hit them, although he had more to do now than ever before! Isn’t this interesting: the knee is alive and is watching what we do? In fact, the cells of our body are in resonance and communicate with each other, including the cells of the knee with the brain cells, for example. And my dear friend was surprised that his knee no longer hurt when he fully experienced the problems of others and compassionately stood by them.

Serving the fellowmen - strengthens the health of the knee? Our knee is a marvel, and we might not yet know everything a knee can do, but my dear friend experienced it this way. Do you want to try something like that too?

Pharmacist Monika Koch is the author of the book: "Homa Therapy - the Ancient Science of Healing".  She has conducted studies with Agnihotra Ash medicines for many years. For more information please visit her website: http://www.homatherapy.de


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            We have come for the Highest Mission on the planet. It is all the Divine Plan.
Many will come to the Fire now.
We have come for the holiest of times.
To the West. To the East. To the North. To the South.
In every direction there will be Fire. Healing Fires of Old.
We are entering a new phase of consciousness.
There is a great commotion as a great space shrinkage has been produced.

Photo: Shree in front of an ancient Inca wall in Cusco (former "Palace of the Virgins.")

            Be truth. Be patient. Be full of love. Be compassion. All that you seek, be that. Clear away the illusion. All the joy you seek is already within you.

          Limited knowledge is as good as no knowledge at all. Knowledge that is given through regular practice of Agnihotra is beyond reason, thought or even man's massive intellect. It is beyond science itself.

             Over the years you have gone every way but the direct way. So now We have to redirect the way. The pulls of the mind are strong. So the thinking has to be redirected. All suffering is unnecessary. You must have more faith for indeed NOW is the time.

             Time is short and we do not want you to miss this opportunity. Change has to occur. Intensify Sadhana (spiritual practice).




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as received by Parvati Bizberg, Poland)

On being true to yourself
When seeking the Light, have a set of parameters which you adhere to, which you do not wish to relax. Just as you would respect others’ boundaries, respect and honour your own as well. When one’s boundaries are firm, others will tend to have more respect for them. When boundaries are relaxed, one can be open to influence and thus lose some of what is you in what is the others. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF.
Get to know who ‘yourself’ truly is. Spend some alone time with yourself. Learn to listen to your feelings and intuition. Don’t fall for self-doubt. Believe in yourself, as Divine believes in your worth and your value to the Light. When you wish to help others, always begin at home. Begin with you.
Laugh more. Do not take spiritual path so seriously. Do not take life so seriously.
Be sincere.
Be truthful.
Be aware.
But, be kind. Be true. Be loyal.
And above all, be LIGHT.

On Swine Flu inoculations
Yes, yes. More importantly is the recent pandemic scare of Swine Flu. Apparently Bird Flu did not quite catch the publicity required to establish a new order, so Swine Flu has been selected as the new disaster awaiting the populace. Many will succumb to being ‘encouraged’ to take the vaccine. It will likely cause more illness than prevent it. However, it will not likely be passed as mandatory worldwide. This goes directly against human rights. If beings can refuse treatment based upon religious exemptions, no doubt many can claim the same to avoid enforced inoculation. It is a threat simply, but likely one which will not be possible to enforce, on a large scale at least.


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